Subtitling Services

KL Translations delivers top subtitling services to match specific requirements and budgets for the global clientele. We bring our vast experience of subtitling to your clips, catering for the satisfaction of your audience. Subtitling is an art of adapting the references and idioms of one language and culture so that they are easily understandable by another language speaker from a different culture.Our subtitling services are reliable in over 100 languages worldwide.

KL Translations’ multilingual team continues to be trusted to translate and subtitle thousands of programs for clients from a wide spectrum including; tv networks, producers, studios and  other businesses. Often more than one language is provided per client or project.

Our translators are native speakers who are fluent in English, comfortable with idioms of popular culture with the expert multi-cultural knowledge to the smallest nuances. Our robust team focuses on delivering highly accurate subtitling services at all times.

Global Subtitling Services

Our clients come from all continents and thus we see ourselves as a global subtitling service solution provider and continue to grow. We cater to all subtitling needs such as:-

  1. Providing audio and video transcription for all clips if needed. An accurate transcript used for subtitling is then made available.
  2. Providing transcript translation following specific subtitling guidelines for our team. If you have a transcript already translated, it is also purposeful.

Tailored Subtitling Services

Depending on your requirements, we have a range of customized subtitling service for you. You can choose from having closed captions or bespoke subtitling solution.

  • Transcribe the audio and create English subtitles.
  • Translate subtitles for YouTube, Vimeo, MP4 or any other web video format.
  • Add closed captions to DVD, Film or TV programmes in over 30 languages.
  • Create a DVD master with language selection menu and subtitle on/off feature.
  • Burn-in the subtitles and encode in any video format, or receive the subtitles in over 30 subtitle document formats

For all subtitling queries, please contact our sales team today. We look forward to working with you on your next subtitling project.

Some of the languages that we subtitle include:-


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