Conference Interpreting

Conference interpreting is used in business meetings or international and local conferences. This is important so that the conference can run smoothly and successfully. There are various types of environments in which conferences are held. Some happen in small groups and others are much larger. Both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting is used in conference interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting has to be administered by a team of professional interpreters. They are placed in a sound-proof booth while listening to the speaker using earphones. The interpreter then relays the dialogue at the same time that the speaker is delivering the message.

Types of Conference Interpreting

Whispering interpreting is also another form of simultaneous interpreting. This is the form of interpreting where the interpreter whispers to the listeners after listening to the speaker. However, this type of interpreting does not allow the interpreter to work with more than two audience members at a time. In small meetings, another type of interpreting called Tour Guide is used in the category of simultaneous interpreting. However, this is a more challenging type of conference interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting is when the interpreter takes notes while listening to the speaker and then once the speaker is done, will deliver the message to the audience. However, during this form of conference interpreting, the interpreter works in smaller or larger segments; depending on the scope of the conference. This helps the interpreter to facilitate the conference accurately and more efficiently. Before the conference begins, the speaker and the interpreter will discuss when pauses will take place during the speech.

Booking a Conference Interpreter

As soon as you book your interpreter from the high caliber team of conference interpreters at KL Translations, the interpreter will perform extensive research before the assignment to ensure they are fully prepared. This allows for smooth and precise linguistic communication. If there are specific requirements by the client like a technical or legal interpreter, we will make sure that only those interpreters that meet your requirements are made available to you.

Interpreter Services

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