Medical Transcription

KL Translations provides a wide range of professional cost-effective medical transcription. Our deliveries are most accurate  and  fast across the globe, no matter  the language, no matter the geographical location. Medical transcriptions are increasingly being outsourced to avoid unnecessary excess typing, paperwork and correspondence that risks interpretation and other mistakes, if not completed to a high professional standard.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription task is the most tricky.The way medical statements are said is different from the way they are written.It involves the use of multiple scientific symbols which if not transcribed by specialist professionals,  might end up misused or not making sense at all to the target audience. What makes KL Translations to deliver quality transcriptions is because it is always very selective when allocating transcriptionists for medical projects.

KL Translations’ medical transcriptionists are practiced in transcribing the following:

  • ER Reports
  • Radiology Reports
  • Operative Reports
  • Psychological Reports
  • Clinic Notes
  • Consultation Notes
  • Research Notes
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Laboratory Summaries
  • Expert Panel Meetings

Professional Medical Transcriptionists

Our medical transcriptionists are fully qualified with experience by hospitals, clinics and a broad scope of clients from the medical world. They are familiar with  medical terminology and are assisted by trained software engineers when necessary.

Secure and Confidential

We adhere to stringent data protection policies by having files transfers encrypted and secure both when sending and receiving. KL Translations medical transcriptionists are bound by confidentiality agreements. This has made our translation company very trustable by many corporate companies around the Globe

Fast Turnaround Times

Your project will be delivered according to pre-arranged turnaround time, ranging from same day to extended TAT’s that can also see typing carried out over weekends. Project managers are always on hand to update you on the status of an assignment. To work with us, you will be ensured to receive your medical transcription project as early as possible.

Other Transcription services that we offer  include: audio-Video transcription, conference transcription, Interview transcription,  and legal transcriptions.Contact for more information

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