Translation is not an easy task to do particularly if you are doing it for some company or a reputed professional client. Being a translator comes with its fair share of challenges and some of them are as follows.

  1. Language Structure

The very first problem that every translator face is the complex sentence structure. Translation company often receives complain from the clients that final outcome of the translation service is not conveying the true essence of the original language. This happens because translators can’t derive the actual meaning from the complex sentences as different language has different rules for constructing sentences.

  1. Culture

Culture plays a major role in using a language. Every language comes with structures that are so very exclusive to it. These unique dialects or structures affect the true meaning of the translation.

  1. Words with Numerous Meanings

We know that a single word can be used in different ways and this can change the meaning of those sentence. There are multiple words with different meanings like scale, minute, alternate, contest and many more. This is one of the most common difficulties faced by translation service providers.

  1. Missing Words

A term describing something in a particular language can be completely missing in other languages. For example, a ‘guest room’ in English is missing in Greek language. In Greek, they refer such a room as ‘ksnona’.

  1. Humour

When you are adding a touch of humour in your content, it makes the translation job even more difficult as humour is not a very universal concept. Something funny to someone can make someone from another culture offended. Only best translators can pull off the humour part well.

  1. Language Evolution

As a translator one must be aware of the new words and the evolving meaning of them. Language evolution is very silent but it is a continuous process. Missing on new words and grammatical rules can throw a translator out the business.

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