Multilingual PR Translation Services

Are you in need oftranslations for Press Releases?

KL Translations Ltd is a top-tier translations company offering PR translation services and is equipped with some of the best PR experts and translators in the world, just waiting for your call!

PR Translation Services

We are proud to offer PR translation services in over 100 languages for your convenience. KL Translations Ltd employs native and professional translators with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in PR translation. We are passionate about providing high quality professional service for corporate and individual clients alike. We offer a wide range of specialized PR translations and are prepared to meet your needs and surpass your expectations on any PR translation project you need our help with!

Ethical Standards:

We are aware that in most cases PR announcements are to be presented to the market at specific times and dates. This is why we treat every single translation regardless of sensitivity with high confidentiality at all times. This is part of our professionalism and that is why all our interpreters are bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

PR Document Translation Services

KL Translations Ltd can provide you with a skilled PR translator for

  • Financial press releases
  • Political press releases
  • Company press releases
  • Newswire press releases

The purpose of a press release translation is to enable our clients to communicate important information about the latest happenings to stakeholders all over the world. We are aware of how sensitive some announcements can be, and this is why many firms trust in our high-quality professional press release translation services.

We are dedicated to providing accurate translations of all press releases in any language. KL Translations will only assign trained and skilled PR translators with adequate industry knowledge of a specific project. We assign skilled editors and proofreaders who will work together in order to ensure that the Press release is accurately translated.

Our PR translators are committed to delivering quality translations, and along with our team of editors and proofreaders, we ensure that quality is what you get. That’s a promise!

Professional PR Translation Services

The translator assigned to your case will be chosen with care to ensure that he or she has the appropriate experience and language specific knowledge for your translation needs. All of our PR translators are trained in marketing and specialize in PR translations. They often have a background in marketing or public relations such as a career or degree in the marketing or advertising field, or at the very least, a very strong understanding of it along with a history of PR translation. It is crucial that the translated document upholds the same message of the source document. Our experts are masters in this regard!

Why Choose us for your PR translation Services?

Experienced Team of PR Experts

KL Translations Ltd has a team of experienced PR translators, project managers, and editors to ensure total accuracy and readability of all translated documents. Our translators specialize in a wide range of PR topics and are able to quickly translate any PR document from one language to another, ensuring total accuracy and consistency along the way. 

Hand-picked Translators Just for You

Here at KL Translations Ltd, we don’t believe that one size fits all. We know that your translation project is unique and deserves a bit more attention than that. So, we carefully select a translator who has the exact experience, background, and skill set that will make them a great fit for your particular project. This way, you get personalized and individualized translations that match the needs of your documents. 

Areas of Expertise

Along with this personalization trend, we select translators that have specialized in the area of PR that your project pertains to. This means that your translator has a deep understanding of your specific PR sector in their native country and will make sure that all of your PR documents are translated appropriately. 

Transparent Affordable Pricing

We offer affordable and transparent pricing options for all of your PR translation needs. You’ll receive stellar service and quality translations for a stellar price, guaranteed!


No matter what your reason is for needing PR translation services, KL Translations Ltd is equipped to deliver high quality translations for the lowest prices. Our entire translation team is dedicated to you and your translation project. If you’d like to learn more about our translation services or would like a free quote for your documents, contact us today! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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