Due to globalization, there are no barriers of country and language. Businesses prefer to set up their base in different countries for more profit and recognition. In this race, the translation services business is booming like no other. These companies earn money by providing great translation services so that the business can carry out regular documentation tasks by translating them into the local language. A translation agency is not all about offering translation services, as other important services are also offered by them.
Here are the services one can avail from a translation agency:

  • Translation: As the name refers, translation service is the foremost service offered by a translation company. However, areas of translation may vary. Some popular translation service includes legal document translation, technical translation, marketing translation, website translation, medical translation, financial translation, etc. There are many agencies that have a good team of translators and each translator is fluent and expert in a respective area and language.
  • Interpreting: Another major service offered by a document translation agency is interpreting. Due to growing multiculturalism and globalization, the importance of interpreting services has been increasing in the last few years. There are agencies that provide interpreting services for more than 100 languages. Some well-known interpreting services include court, conference, legal, sign language, face-to-face and business interpreting services.
  • Transcription: In this service, a transcriber listens to a video or audio recording and writes it in a meaningful way. In simple words, this service is all about transferring data from one format (written, audio or video) to another. Translation agencies provide audio-video transcription, interview transcription, medical transcription, conference transcription and legal transcription services.
  • Subtitling: This service is more like an art of adapting the idioms and references of a language so that other people can also understand it. In other words, making something easily understandable for people of other languages is subtitling. A good example of subtitling is movies and documentaries so that people who do not understand the language being spoken, read the subtitles in their language and comprehend what is happening.

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