Advertising and Branding Translations

Advertising and Branding translations are crucial for cross-border advertising campaigns. Effective advertising and branding translations mean that your marketing strategies will never again be bogged down by misinterpretation or mistranslation in any market, by any audience. At Kl Translations Ltd, we are excited to give you the edge over your competition when it comes to cross-cultural and global advertising and branding of your unique business. 

We know that adapting your advertising and branding campaign to a diverse market can be challenging and frustrating even for the most experience advertisers. That’s why we’ve put together a skilled team of professional and culturally sensitive translators that specialize in advertising and branding translations. With our help, you’ll be on the road to conquering the globe in no time.

Advertising and Branding Translations with Purpose

Accurately translating a brand to suit a unique market can mean the difference between failure and success in that market. To ensure effective branding in any market, we take into account all cultures, beliefs, and perspectives within that market. We are experienced in creating tailored ads, campaigns, and brand images that appeal to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Our dedicated advertising and branding language service team will work closely with you in order to make your branding and advertising strategies effective and relevant in any market, to any culture, in any country.

KL Translations Ltd knows the value of culturally relevant and sensitive branding and advertising agendas, and we are prepared to help you tailor your ad campaigns for whoever and wherever your target audience may be.

Our specialized advertising and branding translators are experienced in translating:

  • Brochures and newsletters
    • These are excellent mediums for your company to communicate with clients and brand followers. Translating your brochure and newsletter content ensures that your message reaches your audience in multiple languages all over the world. Keeping them in the loop is crucial to your ongoing success.
  • Ad Translation
    • Expanding advertisements to foreign markets can be a tricky business if not done correctly. Accurate translation with emphasis on cultural sensitivity, relevance, and context is crucial to a successful marketing campaign.
  • Printed ads and marketing paraphernalia
    • Our marketing specialists are able to translate articles, direct mail, posters, flyers, banners, and any other physical marketing collateral. Our experts will tailor your advertisements to fit the cultural context of your target audience to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.
  • Press releases
    • Press releases are an extremely powerful tool for any business and is a simple way to begin globalizing your brand. In order to effectively increase your audience, conversion rates, and brand attention, accurate and culturally relevant translations are important for spreading your message to a diverse audience.
  • Plus media briefs, tv commercials, presentations, slogans, social media posts, and more!

When you choose KL Translations Ltd for your advertising and branding translation, you get a few perks:

  • Unrivaled inter-agency cooperation including marketing kits tailored to every language
  • Over 100 languages to choose from, with SEO to match
  • Forget non-intuitive translation software, we only use the most intelligent software available
  • Native speakers in any language and culture you’re targeting

Smart Branding, Smart Translation

Advertising and branding translation is unique in that the goal is not simply to adapt the language and message to a given culture. Marketing and advertising is a complex mission and there’s more to it than straightforward translation. You must also understand your target audience’s reaction to your message, as well as the actual message that your advertisement is trying to convey. Translating your brand to a new culture is even more complex than translating your advertisement.

We know that you require a little extra, and we’ve built a team of qualified brand and advertising experts to give you just that. Our specialized translators understand marketing and advertising schemes in both languages they translate from-and-to. We provide translators that understand how to make your marketing campaigns as effective in Dubai as they are in America.

Our Process

When it comes to translating advertising copy, a straightforward translation is never enough. It isn’t effective to simply replace one word for another. KL Translations Ltd understand the importance of branding, and we utilize marketing best practices to ensure quality translation of your brand and message rather than just the text of your ad.

  • We look at the meaning and concept of your ad
  • We consider your goals and work to thoroughly understand them
  • We determine the cultural and linguistic trends and characteristics of your chosen audience(s)
  • We devise an effective strategy to reach your target audience and translate your message effectively
  • We adapt your message in its current form to suit the language and localised culture of your target audience

We’re Ready to Translate, Transcribe, and Localize Your Next Project