Audio & Video Transcription Services

KL Translations is the leading agency in providing excellent audio video transcription services and writers for the global clientele. This is because we know that an accurate transcription begins with an experienced professional handling the project. We provide transcription services for DVDs, Videotapes, Webcasts, Podcast transcription or Streaming Media. Our experts will maneuver the audio/video transcription, ensuring that the work submitted is of great quality.

High-Quality Audio Video Transcription

Whether you want an audio-video transcript that has been smoothed out and edited or a word for wordplay, we deliver it fast and accurate. Timestamps? We handle it. Special formatting? No problem! We check and proofread all transcripts before returning them to the client and guarantee a reliable service that meets your deadline.

Audio Video transcription include:

Some of the services we provide are the following:

  •     Movie script / Film transcription
  •     Podcast / Webcast transcription
  •     Time coding / Time stamping
  •     YouTube video transcription
  •     Google video transcriptions
  •     Video transcription with closed captions
  •     Video Subtitling
  •     Embedded Transcriptions
  •     Transcript Synchronization
  •     Instant encoded captions
  •     Webinar transcriptions
  •     Online streaming video transcription

Audio Video Transcription in any Language

Not only do we transcribe English audio and video files; we provide reliable audio video transcription in any language or dialect. Our translation and transcription agency can translate and transcribe taped meetings, interviews, phone calls, video surveillance, foreign TV channels and any other audio recording. And more! We guarantee that you will love our standards. It does not matter if you need this for your personal files or for corporate, no job is too big or too small for our translation agency. We will transcribe it for you. Ask for a quote today and get started.

Get better transcription services with KL Translations’ transcription services including  Conference, InterviewLegal and Medical transcriptions respectively.Contact for more information

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