Localization is one of the most effective methods of marketing currently. It involves adapting your product or service to a specific geography or community. Forthwith, the localization industry consists of companies that provide translation and communications services for businesses. All the more so for businesses that want to customize their product and marketing communications for local markets around the world. When you localize your message, you personalize it for laws, currency, pictures, cultural references, slang, time zones, etc. The essence of this is to make the product or service appear like it’s “communicating” directly to the reader.

How important is Localization?

Localization is important for:

  • Consumer products,
  • Online ordering,
  • Medical or insurance policy information
  • And other targeted communications where you need to connect with the consumer.

It is also vital when dealing with software that needs to be tailored to each country. Although your company might aim to distribute a standard product to all markets and create a single global brand, it’s important to recognize that your product information must reflect local differences. According to SDL, product information must change in line with factors such as time and date displays, measurement systems and currency to make a product acceptable for all local markets.

What relationship has Software and localization?

Software localization is adapting internationalized software for a specific language. That is by adding locale-specific components, translating text, and making technical adaptations. Authors Dianne Cyr and Richard Lew writing in “Thunderbird International Business Review,” state that:

“software companies need to take account of local design considerations such as the use of appropriate colors and preferences for different types of navigation. They highlight the problems of failing to understand the cultural significance of certain colors in different territories as a particular challenge.” So by localizing your software, you are able to increase guidelines on how to overcome cultural barriers and reach a larger target audience.

All in all, Localization services are important, but time consuming. You can gain a number of benefits by outsourcing the work to localization specialists like KL translations limited. According to SDL, outsourcing enables your company to bring products to market faster and simultaneously in all global markets. Providing localized communications can also increase customer satisfaction by providing targeted information in line with your customers’ global preferences.

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