Legal Aid Translation Services

We at KL Translations provide Legal aid rates translation. We accept UK Legal Aid Agency rates for document translation and interpreting services and deliver exceptional quality translations for our clients. With access to our highly qualified translators – some of whom with over 15 years of industry experience – we are well placed to continue delivering accurate Legal aid translation ready for official use.

  • Quick: We understand how important deadlines are and we work tirelessly around the clock to deliver as promised. We don’t charge extra for urgent translations and never sacrifice quality in order to meet a deadline; we can do both, no problem!
  • Cost Saving: By accepting Legal Aid rates, our service is delivered at an even more reasonable price than we already offer.
  • Reliable: Our legal translations are ready to be used officially in UK courts, Home Office and other institutions that require legally certified translations.

The Importance of Legal Aid

If you’re unable to afford legal representation, you’re afforded legal aid to ensure equal and fair access to the justice system. You can receive legal aid for legal advice, family mediation, and representation in a trial or tribunal. The provision of legal aid to those in need is crucial for fair treatment in the legal system and is an essential aspect of any democratic society.

In saying so, legal aid translations are equally important in the fight for justice in any legal matter. KL Translations Ltd is a top-tier translations company that greatly values its role in your legal battle. We are passionate about meeting the needs of our clients. We work hard to translate in such a way that the legal jargon becomes easy to understand in any language for any reader.

Legal Aid Rates Translation for the Legal Sector

Our translations are highly recommended by lawyers, solicitors and other law practitioners. In fact, we provide Legal Aid translation services to over 100 law firms in the UK, and the rest of the world at large. Our legal translators are top-tier and highly experienced in all sectors of legal translation.

Our legal translators can help you with

  • Contract documents
  • Powers of attorney
  • Witness statements
  • Insurance documents
  • Immigration documents
  • Certificates
  • International arbitration
  • And any other legal document that requires an official translation

Transparent and Competitive Legal Aid Rates Translation 

The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) translation rates are public and as such we make it easy to understand the pricing per project. Each document translation is priced based on the number of words and the applicable translation rate per word. Simply email us the documents and we shall analyze the word count and offer you a quote following the Legal Aid rates for translation.

Certified Legal Aid Rates Translation

We also provide certified legal translations for Legal Aid translation projects. Most legal documents require certified translation in order to be admissible in court or accepted in other legal matters. We are happy to have our translators sign a sworn affidavit confirming that their translation is a legal equivalent of the source text. When conducting legal matters between countries, it is essential that the documents are certified translations in order to be deemed relevant by the receiving court. The certified translation of documents is a guarantee from KL Translations Ltd. The certification means that all the pages are embossed and stamped along with a statement from our company. Legal Aid rates translation is part of our legal translation services.

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