Get Your Documents Translated With 100 Percent Guarantee of Zero Error

KL Translations offers high-quality document translation in over 100 languages. We translate a wide range of documents spanning numerous industries all over the world in almost any format.

In our daily life, we come through numerous documents, which may bring hassle for us because of being in a language that we don’t know. It is not only Europe and USA, entire world is more or less becoming cosmopolitan. People often struggle to get documents correctly translated because online tools do the same but with errors in grammatical arrangement.

KL Translations offer professional translation services in more than 100 languages with huge team of native translators. Some prominent sector of services is as written below:

  • Employee documents
  • Legal documents or court material
  • Technical documents of scientists, doctors and other professionals
  • Web page content translation with us is far better than automatic Google translator
  • Software Content Management
  • Brochures and catalogs
  • Official and non official reports
  • Procedural documents
  • School/college/institution certificate
  • Marriage/divorce and other similar docs
  • Medical documents
  • Research papers

We believe only in the human translator not those so-called translation programs. KL Translation has clear policy that only native person of any language will handle documents of that one. We don’t do any type of hurry in the services because it is never going to work. This is the type of job where quality of work force is extremely important and we appoint people after intense test.

Some frequently asked question regarding document translation:

  • Question: Why document translation has been in the intense requirement globally?

Answer: This is the most common or the simplest part of the translation services. Over the years, we have                  seen numerous types of translation services but most of them have been creation of companies.

  • Question: I have document to translate. Should I go for company or freelancer?

Answer: this is a complex question. It completely depends on the requirement. If you have complex project with          good magnitude then better go for company. For small projects, individuals can be better deal.

  • Question: Is document translation any category?

Answer: Nope, every type of translation comes under this category. Whether we translate any medical journal            or any research paper, all have something to do with this one.

  • How to assess service under this category?

Answer: it is quite obvious that client does not know the language either one or both. In this case, client can’t              assess services but if any complaint comes then definitely this will be a factor.

How Our Document Translation Services Better than Others?

There is always quest that why we should be opted for the document translation though there are hundreds of agencies quite easily available throughout the UK. We are certified company with zero tolerance for any error in the translated document. We have native translators with experience in numerous fields namely educational translation, business translation and many more…


Why Google Translation Tool has Completely Failed?

This is also quite interesting that why Google has completely failed when it comes to their translation tool? If Google’s tool would had succeeded, this entire business of translation services would have ended. First of all, we need to understand that different languages have different types of pattern for sentence formation from the words. If we do word by word translation then it may or may not be meaningful. This is right that one can understand Google translated text but after plenty of struggle. It is not going to easy at all. Google translation fails badly in case of complex language like Mandarin, Arabic, Afrikaans and others.


Why Translation business has surged specially in the UK?

UK is one of the places in the world where you will find things highly cosmopolite. You will find numerous cultures, numerous languages in London and other cities of the UK. London itself has mayor of Pakistani origin so one can understand how influential people from other cultures are? London is the city where people from many different languages are present and this thing give rise for the requirements of translation services.


What is difference between document translation services of freelancer and companies?

Freelancers can offer of decent cost but when it comes to guaranteed quality then you should go for reputed companies. Translation is something where you can’t judge quality on your own so better play safe and check reviews of companies rather than freelancer on upwork and

Types of document translation services we provide:

Professional and accurate document translation services can never be done using machine translations – it requires a human mind expertly trained in the translation field to translate any document from a given language to the target language, and as well filled with the specialist knowledge relevant to the field or the subject of the document if need be. Our native-speaking translators are able to maintain the message and sentiments of the original document while at the same time making it suitable for a target audience by taking into account the distinct nuances and culture surrounding a language. All within our translation network are bound by strict confidentiality agreements, even when translating the most basic of documents.

Multilingual Document translation services

Our translation company provides multilingual document translation services in all major global languages including:

Quick document translation services

We understand that time plays a critical part in the competitive business arena. Our trademark is to deliver flawless document translation services as quickly as possible. We are also aware that, sometimes, you might require an extra fast translation. That is why we have designed a quick service plan to deliver translations in a very short turnaround. At KL Translations, you set the deadlines based on your schedule and we guarantee fast delivery for any type of document translations. Contact us for more information about Professional translation services. You can fill in our free quote, or email us at