Police Interpreters

If you need Police interpreters, you are in the right place. KL Translations has many years of experience in providing the Police bodies worldwide with qualified interpreters covering all major languages.

Our multilingual society requires the police force to make use of linguistic resources in order to cater for all members of the community. Good communication is fundamental to the maintenance of a functional relationship between the police and the community it serves.

Police Interpreting Services

KL Translations provides top interpreting services across continents. We cater for:

  •  Police Stations
  •  Detention Centres
  •  Court Hearings
  •  Criminal Proceedings
  •  Solicitor & legal services
  •  Police investigation

Our interpreting services include police interpreting services in over 100 languages. We have a large network of specialised interpreters that can provide you the best service whenever you need it, 24/7. They have been fully trained in specific areas of interpreting such as the Police, Crime, Immigration, etc.

Multilingual Police Interpreters

Whatever the language, whatever the task, we are here to beat your expectations. We provide police interpreting services in all the main languages including:

Professional Police Interpreters

Interpreters must be fluent in both the source and target languages and have extensive knowledge of Police terminology and legal systems.Our police interpreters are fully qualified and accredited by language institution and have the capability of dealing with different modes of interpretation such as consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

As a professional translation company, we make sure that our police interpreters are fully trained; fully Disclosure verified and have experience in interpreting in similar situations. Our police interpreters are all native speakers, fluent in their target language and all of them are CRB checked and hold a linguistics or translation degree from a major university or language school.

Police Interpreting Expertise

Our team of experienced and qualified court interpreters can assist with all your police interpreting needs. They possess an up-to-date knowledge of the terminology and glossaries used in criminal and civil cases. Their absolute impartiality guarantees that they faithfully deliver precise, calm and coherent messages, even under strenuous circumstances.

A mistake in any Police interpreting task can have  serious consequences. Our talented network of interpreters always bring with them the most professional attitude to any project they handle; ensuring every client we work with receives a service to exceed their needs.
We only employ certified Police interpreters who have proven experience of police interpreting. We have a rigorous vetting procedure to ensure that all our police interpreters are qualified to at least degree level and have at least 5 years professional certified interpreting experience.

Other interpreting services also include;

Ethical Standards

All our interpreters are bound by a non-disclosure agreement. We respect the confidentiality of our clients’ projects and are committed to keep our high ethical standards.

Send us an email to sales@kltranslations.com to learn more about our Police interpreter services. We also offer a professional translation services for all the main languages.

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