KL Translations Ltd provides professional and high-quality Danish subtitling services across the world. Our experts can create both open and closed Danish subtitles and also translate subtitles into the target language, for DVD and Blu-ray authoring systems, online videos or television. If you are also looking for other services such as technical translation, financial translation, website translations, among others, look no further KL Translations offers them at friendly rates. we offer subtitling services from Danish to Korean or Korean to Danish language as well as to any other language combination

Applicable to All Formats

Mov, MPEG-2, WMV, flv, etc, srt, sub, stl, fab and sst among others are formats we can subtitle for, whatever the media source.

A video file or DVD is the routine way for clients to outline any proposed subtitling project. From this, a new version complete with Danish subtitles is created. All files sent and received are totally secure, as guaranteed by our files transfer service protected by the latest encryption techniques.

Efficient Danish Subtitling Services

Subtitling professionals with five years or more experience and a degree in a relevant field make up our subtitling network. Danish proofreaders ensure scripts are of the utmost accuracy before the technical side of subtitling begins. Coordination of each individual stage, liaison with clients and a prompt delivery of projects are the responsibility of an experienced subtitling project manager.

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Reliable Danish subtitling services
We offer reliable Danish subtitling services that are of the following characteristics;
Competitively priced Danish subtitling services
Quick responses to client’s requests and timely delivery
Excellent project management
Subtitling services processed by Danish native speaking translators