KL Translations provides a broad and adaptable range of Bengali Subtitling Service. Whether it is for DVD and Blu-ray authoring systems, television or online videos, we can deliver open or closed subtitles as well as translate Bengali subtitles.We also endeavour to see that our Bengali subtitling service is offered in over 120 world spoken languages, this will depend on the client’s requests and the services will offered at competitive prices.

Our Bengali Subtitling Service is Delivered in All Formats

Mov, MPEG-2, WMV, flv, etc, srt, sub, stl, fab, sst and all other known formats for any media source are suitable for our subtitling services.

You can send us what you would like subtitled in DVD or digital file format. We review this original copy and work from it to create a version with Bengali subtitles present. The latest encryption techniques provide the utmost security to files sent and received online.

Multilingual subtitling services

We are eager to cater for your Subtitling needs  in all other languages besides the Bengali language, our subtitling services in languages including;

Why Use our Bengali Subtitling Service

There are reasons as to why you should use our Bengali subtitling services;

  • Bengali subtitling services processed by the Bengali native speaking translators
  • Excellent customer care
  • Excellent subtitling project management
  • Confidentiality of the client’s information is highly protected
  • etc
Bengali Subtitling Service is Delivered On Time

KL Translations never fails to use subtitling professionals who hold a relevant bachelor’s degree and possess at least five years subtitling experience. Scripts are subjected to the editing expertise of Bengali proofreaders before the actual process of subtitling commences. A project manager coordinates all aspects of the project and keeps clients updated if necessary throughout.

Contact us today for details of our Bengali Subtitling Services and to receive a free quote.