Cantonese Subtitling Service

KL Translations delivers a full range of professional Cantonese Subtitling Service solutions. We offer both open and closed subtitles alongside translating subtitles into Cantonese, be it for DVD and Blu-ray authoring systems, television or online video content. Our company also offers other services besides subtitling services such as: Marketing translation, medical translationwebsite translation among others. You can get our Subtitling services from Cantonese to German or German to Cantonese as well as to any other requested language pairs at competitive prices.

Our subtitles can be for any media source in whatever format. Among our most frequently asked for formats are Mov, MPEG-2, WMV, flv, etc, srt, fab and sst.

The standard method is for a client to present us with a video file containing what it is they wish to have subtitled, from which we create new version complete with Cantonese subtitles based on what the requires. We use an encrypted file transfer service so clients can feel assured of confidentiality and security.

Global Subtitling services

Besides Cantonese subtitling service solutions, we offer other subtitling services including:

Reliable Cantonese Subtitling Service

KL Translations’ Cantonese subtitling network is made up only of professionals with a minimum five years of subtitling experience or more. Our native-speaking Cantonese proofreaders are also adequately experienced. A project manager will oversee the scripting, quality control and technical aspects while keeping clients informed along the way.

Reasons Why Our Cantonese Subtitling Service is Highly Demanded

  • High-quality Cantonese subtitling services
  • Excellent Cantonese subtitling project management
  • Competitively priced subtitling services
  • Excellent customer care and quick response to client’s requests
  • Subtitling services processed by the Cantonese native speaking translators
  • etc

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