It is an evangelic mission to sit in front of my laptop, write and share, communicate with you, because I cannot imagine a world where we are not able to correspond or be in touch with ourselves and share our experience with another. Am sure if you took half a minute to think about it, the thought would reduce some to tears. The idea of looking at your loved ones like a blank canvas without an expression on your face or eyes, but deep down you are ravaging with emotion.

How would we let a doctor know that we are in pain if we cannot communicate in the same language? Imagine a world without TRANSLATION! If the translator or interpreter is not available to help how it would feel. Wake up every morning in a room, no phone, no laptop, no roommate, no one. Even a prisoner gets to be mocked and mock back at a guard or his cellmate. But the idea is frightening.

Reaching out and communicating to someone whom you don’t share a language with can be challenging. The very first connecting word, ‘Hello’ is said differently in different languages for example hola in Spanish, bonjour in French, Salve in Latin etc. The ability to express yourself through a translator or interpreter shouldn’t be underestimated.

Having the ability to persuade and convince clients in their language often makes the difference between a good lawyer, marketer, sales agent a greater individuals in their respective fields of expertise. Everyday life offers eternal examples of how controlling communication impacts our lives.

Every single bit of information communicated without translation may be of limited value if it cannot be understood by the target community

Imagine you are taking a trip to a Costa Rica; you will not effortlessly express yourself in Latin by the time you arrive there. Rather than learning a few Latin words in frenzy, the best you can do is to utilize the services of a translator or interpreter.

All we need to understand is thatwe live in a diverse global community with over 7 billion people all speaking close to 5000-7000 languages at a time respectively. And the fact is our reach to the global community envelops three quarters of the world with the advancement of technology and the internet making it effortless.
When did first agency came for translation services?
Language is a form of communication and its use is deeply entrenched in human culture. It is an important part of our being. Several personalities such as linguists, writers, people working in foreign lands et cetera acknowledge the necessity in training in a second, third or even fourth language.

I would considerably not mull over language barrier as a serious critical setback in the transcending world today compared to the old times. We seem to be getting over the barrier owing to technology advancements, the spread and reach of the internet and acute recognition of translation companies that have figured the gap to be filled and that is being communication voices.

We witness the mammoth necessity of translations in momentous occasions such as:

–          World summits with large world organizations; United nations, World Trade Organization, ICRC.

–          Military and Police tours in various communities

–          Hospitals

–          Legal procession and court sessions

–          Evidently in international businesses

–          Leisure, entertainment; movies and video game subtitling; tourism

There may not have a mutually intelligible dialogue between two parties. The world has offered inexhaustible options in limitless choices to conquer language barrier. And without a doubt my advocacy for human touch in translation over machine translation is in lieu of quality. An original text contains it’s the intended message loaded with emotion and much more and therefore human translation eludes inaccuracy.