In an effort to improve language access, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office institutes a new policy which allows, interpretation and translation assistance to be provided for individuals with limited English proficiency when need arises. The announcement was made on Tuesday by General Eric Schneiderman the state Attorney.

In his statement, the Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said “Equal justice under law requires that all New Yorkers have access to the important public safety services provided by law enforcement agencies, regardless of their language ability”. The Attorney further stated that; “Through adoption of a comprehensive language access policy, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office now stands as a model for other law enforcement agencies in the Finger Lakes region by ensuring that the delivery of police services is not limited or restricted by language barriers.”

To ensure effective communication, the sheriff’s written language policy will provide annual training on how to communicate effectively with persons of limited English proficiency and make sure that bilingual employees are recruited, hired and retained.

Document translation is a vital part of the policy and therefore documents such personnel complaint forms and other related documents will be translated in English and Spanish both online and in the sheriff’s office

In a statement, Wayne County Sheriff BarryVirts said, “As part of our policy, ensuring that all people are treated with dignity and respect is our commitment”.

“The written language policy will help ensure that deputies continue to take the initiative to effectively communicate with individuals who have limited English proficiency and provide these individuals with timely and meaningful access to all Wayne County Sheriff’s Office’s services”.

“As a professionally trained and state accredited law enforcement agency, it is my responsibility to constantly strive to improve our services to all our community members.”
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