“Is That a Fish in Your Ear?”

This is David Bellos new book and it will be of particular interest to people who love languages, history and culture. It is not just a book about translation; it is about human experiences and communication. According to Bellos, we can learn about ourselves by inquiring into the ways we deal with the languages other people speak. He takes us to a journey from the days when the Greeks simply ignored other languages and the Romans forced all subject peoples to learn Latin. After all, maybe our way of dealing with foreign languages has not experienced any changes. The acceptance of English as a global lingua has lead to the […]

Difficulties Overcome by German Translation Services.

Germany is the second largest exporter of goods in the world, the third largest importer, and has the third largest economy in the world. Language-wise, German is the most commonly spoken language in the EU. Not hard to see why German translation services are so in demand then, is it? Among the main European languages, though, it is one of the most complex. Having a translator who is a native speaker and familiar with German culture is a basic necessity.The following four factors demonstrate just why German translation can prove so difficult. Nouns. Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz is the longest German word. Literally translated, it means ‘beef labeling supervision assignment law’, which to me doesn’t make […]

Dead Languages of the World

A language is called a dead language when it is no longer spoken by people as their main language. In contrast to extinct languages that cease to have any speakers, dead languages may continue to be used in legal, scientific and religious fields. Besides Latin, Sanskrit, Biblical Hebrew, Coptic, Avestan and Old Church Slavonic among others are dead languages which are largely used for religious functions. An extinct language is a language that no longer has any speakers or that is no longer in current use. Extinct languages are sometimes contrasted with dead languages, which are still known and used in special contexts in written form, but not as ordinary […]

Top Ten Languages on the Internet

Many languages are widely spoken in the world. It takes a great deal of effort learning a new language enough to interact effectively. The most powerful medium through which it is possible to interact with people of different cultures from across the world is the Internet. With increased globalization, cross cultural communication has become indispensible especially for online businesses. Most websites today are in English, a language that is understood only by one third of the world population. However, the importance of communicating in native language is being realized by shrewd businesses that strive to translate websites in different languages and transcend cultural barriers. How do we get right translation service provider […]

Reaching New Markets through Languages and Translation

In today’s world of open economy, researching on new markets and competitors whilst adapting to different business practices is the key to success of any business. If you confine your business in a particular area, there is a likelihood of losing your potentiality in your business sector. To communicate with the people in different regions of the world, it is important that you understand and use their language effectively. This is where professional translation servicescome in, assisting you with your translation needs for effective communication within your business fraternity. But many businesses take translation as a quick, easy and straightforward procedure. They don’t put much emphasis on it and hire an […]

New Year: New Opportunities – Website Translations

A recent survey revealed that only 18 percent of non-English speaking European customers are willing to avail services or buy products from a website which is not written in their mother tongue while 82 percent of the consumers do not want to visit a website containing information in English. This result signifies the importance of website translation in increasing your revenues and sales. European countries are potential markets where there is demand for numerous products. The number of consumers is huge and their requirement of products is versatile. If you can reach the customers of this market, you can double the size of your current business. But there is still […]

The Mystery of Euskara

The Basque language (Euskara) is spoken by an estimated 1,000,000 people living in the Basque Country of north-central Spain and southwestern France. About 200,000 Basques live in other parts of the world. Litt le is known of its origins but it is likely that Euskara is the only remnant of the languages spoken in Western Europe before the arrival of the Indo-European languages to the area. Basque is a language genetically isolated as it has no known linguistic relatives. Its grammar is markedly distinct from that of all other western European languages. Before the Roman times there is not a single written word which can be safely regarded as being of Basque origin. […]

Global Village and Translation Services

The world is certainly becoming a global village. It does not really matter where you are in this world. If you would like expand the horizons of your business, you have to spread it around the world diminishing all the boundaries. Difference of language should not stop you from sharing your ideas and service with people of other regions. In order to help you in this undesirable situation translation services are there. They offer services like converting audio, video, manuscript and other documents from one language to another.Today, every company has websites. It is extremely important part of an effective business strategy. To communicate with the people of other tongues, website translation is […]

Language Translation in India; a Sunrise Industry

There has not been a recession for the translation industry in India where the sector is seeing a steady rise in demand as the country is regarded as a great consumer base. Medical translation is currently a blooming business in India thanks to another lucrative business: medical tourism. This is a growing industry that brings around $ 2 billion per year to the local economy. The most popular treatments sought in India by medical tourists are alternative medicine, bone-marrow transplant, cardiac bypass, eye surgery and hip replacement. In the last couple of years, we have seen medical tourists travelling to India from all corners of the world. Patients from countries like […]

Cumbrian Court Interpreters Protest at New Plans

Interpreters in Cumbria will travel to Manchester next week to take part in a protest over plans to contract with one supplier to provide language services at courts and tribunals. After a 12-month procurement process Applied Language Solutions (ALS), a Manchester based translation agency was selected for the contract to provide legal interpreting services. The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) wants to streamline the system of sourcing and booking an interpreter, saving money and staff time. ALS says the centralisation of bookings makes it possible to“efficiently and  fairly distribute the work available for each language in a given region.”   However, many independent interpreters say they do not want to be agency workers and […]