A recent survey revealed that only 18 percent of non-English speaking European customers are willing to avail services or buy products from a website which is not written in their mother tongue while 82 percent of the consumers do not want to visit a website containing information in English. This result signifies the importance of website translation in increasing your revenues and sales.

European countries are potential markets where there is demand for numerous products. The number of consumers is huge and their requirement of products is versatile. If you can reach the customers of this market, you can double the size of your current business. But there is still one barrier left that you need to deal with. It’s the difference of language which should be considered and resolved first to enter the European market. At present, the easiest way to reach the end-users is developing a website containing information about who you are and what your products are. The work is not finished here; you need to translate your website in different languages depending on your targeted area. With the help of a professional translation agency you can easily accomplish this task.

When searching for a professional translation agency to provide you with website translation services, you should choose a company which offers you versatility. You need to attract the local audiences first since they remain your potential customers and for that you need to hire agencies offering website localization services. Factors such as Language, Images & symbols, colours and layouts, navigation and software localization remain key when translating websites for business purposes and will definitely give you a headstart if implemented at the right time. So give yourself a thumbsup and start year 2012 with a bang, don’t wait for opportunities to knock, rather knock on them until you find your way through.
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