Mohammed Ali is probably the talk on everyone’s lips and though his death has nothing to do with translation services, well not forgetting the tragic Pulse Orlando shooting, where almost 50 young people lost their lives at the hands of an ISIS sympathizer. Their crime? Being or supporting the LGBT community!

Mohammed Ali was a black African who converted to the nation of Islam while the Orlando shooting victims were mixed including Black Africans, Hispanics, whites and so many more. This in a way portrays and further confirms the common saying that the world is a global village.

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The ISIS sympathiser who allegedly carried out the Orlando Pulse club massacre.

This in a way has brought up the prominence and power of languages where large numbers of people all over the world understand and speak a certain language even with difference in physical locations.

Examples of languages that are spoken globally by people from different countries and of different colours, English being an obvious option as almost everyone in the world knows or understands at least an English word or phrase;

Languages spoken world over and used for translation services

  • Spanish is a language common on the South American continent and in the middle parts of Europe like in Spain and Portugal. South American countries that speak Spanish include Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, Equador to mention a few. Spanish is also highly adopted by the United States as a subject or unit in educational facilities, thus many Americans speak that language as a second or third language.
  • French as a language is incorporated in almost every humanitarian activity organization like the United Nations. This should be noted that there are a number of former French colonies in the world of which some if not all still hold French with high esteem. Such countries include Burundi, Rwanda, Cameroon, Senegal among others on the African continent.
  • This includes Arabic which is vastly used and spoken in Northern Africa and the Middle East though unfortunately is linked to acts of terrorism. This is due to the fact that many acts of terrorism are carried out by people from Arabic speaking countries. For example, the family of the attacker in the recent Orlando shootings is said to hail from Afghanistan; a predominantly Islamic state. Though Pashto, Dari, Uzbek and Turkmen are some of the languages spoken in Afghanistan as reported by an online Afghan paper, Arabic is part of ISIS, a terror group the attacker identified with before launching the attack.

Lannguages have some undescribable power to unite especially when people from different countries and backgrounds are brought together simply because they have a language in common. This in the long run encourages bonds to be built thus doing away with life horrors just like the tragic Orlando shootings. This can be further accomplished though translation services but most importantly through learning new languages where necessary.

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By Angela Kyolaba

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