Let’s add gambling to the list of international or global languages that are there. The ever growing list of unofficial international languages includes love, music, sand tears to mention but a few.

In fact there are cities and places around the world synonymous with gambling. Vegas comes in number one when it comes to places with hundreds of casinos that run almost for 24 years. In Vegas people are involved in gambling without any limits whatsoever. While some come out filthy rich after hitting a couple of jackpots, there are those who leave Vegas financially ruined after losing out.

We see people leaving their home countries to permanently stay in other countries or merely visit so as to engage in gambling since gambling is illegal in some countries and in particular states in other countries.

People gambling in the city of Casinos; Las Vegas

How Language Affects Gambling

One thing that should however be agreed upon is that communication during even gambling is very important. This is because one needs to communicate with the jokers and other gamblers taking part in the game.

One even wonders how foreigners in a particular country manage to take part in gambling since it is not always a guarantee that they know the language being used in the foreign country.

Any miscommunication during gambling caused by anything including language barrier can cause the people involved to become rowdy and at times create fights in the casinos that sometimes turn out to be fatal.

Sometimes it might be a simple misunderstanding while at times it is language barrier causing the havoc. Mistakes can erupt as the gamblers fail to may be understand instructions given by the instructors.

Therefore, it is advisable for all casino managers, owners and operators to put in place translation and interpretation personnel especially for those casinos that have an international clientele. Here professional interpreters who also are qualified in the gambling business should be hired for special cases that involve language barrier.

How experts analyze professional translation?

This in one way or another creates more customers and visitors for the casino that has included interpreters because foreigners who are not familiar to the language used in the country will feel more comfortable where there are interpreters allocated.

Caution Against Gambling

Gambling is seen as an evil in one way or another especially when it comes to people getting addicted, in such extreme cases one has no control over themselves and therefore puts all their assets to risk by putting them off for gambling.

We therefore see how language translation is very vital in the day today running of life, though effective communication is only achieved when the translation is done by a professional translator.


By Angela Kyolaba

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