We don’t wear Rolex, we eat it! That is a statement seen on so many Patriotic Ugandan kinsmen T-shirts in Uganda, especially adopted by the Urban youth.  Indeed rolex is a fast food in Uganda that is made of fried eggs with vegetables rolled within chapati. Well as this type of food emerged as a way out for the low income Ugandans who couldn’t afford a decent meal at the end of the day, it however grew through the ranks so to as to become a cheap fast food.

How Language And Food Market A Country

Ugandan rolex; fried eggs and vegetables rolled in a chapati.

In fact the BBC referred to the Ugandan rolex as the cheapest rolex in the world. This relating it to the expensive and prestigious watch brand, Rolex manufactured

It is alleged that the name started as rolled eggs but was later influenced by local accents to become the rolex that in August 2016, was launched as an export food from Uganda to the rest of the world by the government of Uganda. You may compare it to KFC, McDonalds or Pizza Hut which are all internationally recognized fast food brands with branches all over the world as reported by the Vision Group.

The Language Aspect

Food is just one of many things that market a region or country to the outside world, these are usually things that are unique and are at times only found in a particular country, region or continent and most especially include language.

In the case of Uganda, there are over 50 languages with common ones and official ones including; Luganda, Lusoga, English and Runyankole. In fact, Luganda is the most used language especially when it comes to business matters. For example when using public modes of transport in Kampala which is the capital city of Uganda, Luganda and English are the main languages advised to be used.

This has seen tourists and foreign business owners trying to get their basic Luganda right so as not to be conned by callous individuals who view them as vulnerable prey. For example if a white tourist asks for prices of products in a local language, they are definitely less likely to be lied to or conned out of more money by locals.

The professional bit of it

However there is always an excellent option of translations and interpretations in more serious, especially when formal issues arise and such services ought to be professional in nature. This is because effective communication is very important even when it comes to tourism sectors in various countries.

By Angela Kyolaba

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