Globalisation once a myth is now a living reality and an aspect of society today. From the arts and creations by maestros of their time; Michelangelo, Da Vinci, we get to witness their ideas and creations practiced in many aspects of the world of the 21st Century. From the first flight by the Wright brothers to the concord flights, journeys that would last months at sea to journeys that only last a whiff of a second. We are now currently able to actually GLOBALISE.

The ability to share information across the world through language translation is phenomenon, and yes I do mean across the world no matter the eccentric dynamic of language communication. From Beijing to Africa, from the Islands of New Zealand to the cold lands of Russia, we are able to create an understanding.

Language as a cultural aspect is involved in business transactions. As I site an example of a visit to a Japanese company by a CEO and his entourage; guests  are mandatorily requested to remove their shoes as they head into a meeting with Japanese CEO as a sign of respect on mutual grounds. The aspect of language delivers a deep significance of respect and mutual understanding between two parties engaging in a transaction.

No matter the boundless idea of global business factored by internet, respect between two transacting parties delivers an incredible close to a business. Language is a yardstick that compares and separates one business from another ordinary business man. When we understand values of another person from any background we are able to develop a trust. Language presents us this opportunity, to develop a mutual ground and any business would agree that is at utmost importance to connect with clients; going an extra mile to be part of clients is dignified with use of language.
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