Language and Culture for Social InteractionLanguage is the only key player in any body’s social life and therefore without it your social life can be threatened. In any social place or gathering language is the sole dictator of any interaction between people. According to Hauser et al 2002, language is a culturally specific communication system. Language is therefore very influential in one’s everyday social life and it is closely intertwined with culture

According to Kimball Young;  ”Language is the carrier of a vast amount of what we call culture. Knowledge of the past, techniques of science and of food-getting taboos and social rituals, all are carried in language or at least have language counterparts, as is particularly clear in the case of material culture. From the point of view of social psychology. Language is important, first as it relates to communication,  and second as it functions in the socialisation of the individual that is to say in the development of his personality. Moreover, it carries for the person the social definitions of situations, the world discourse, and the whole range of cultural content which impinges upon him. It is the medium of interaction without which social life could not develop and become intelligent”

A ware of the fact that the world is the home to different languages, others with a multitude of speakers while others with minority speakers. As we travel abroad for short vacations, work or business purposes, language and culture becomes very crucial in the way we behave. The fact is that, it is absolutely difficult to live in isolation and even if you attempted to do so, you will need to get something for yourself or make an inquiry about something from someone. And maybe even get some business going.

I bet when you visit any foreign place, your behaviour a little bit changes. This could be due to fear of the unknown especially the behaviour of people in the that particular place you have visited. This implies you will be selective in the way you interact. Language will therefore play a vital role in getting you acclimatised to the area very fast. Taking language lessons or explicitly utilising translation services can help get going and at the end of the day enable you live  a comfortable life elsewhere.

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