For unfathomable reasons, people embark to learn a new language or languages at various stages of their lives. While for most this happens in the academic institutions they attend while still young, for others it happens at later stages in their lives.

This might be a foreign lesson in the school’s curriculum or one merely learning a foreign language due to a necessary geographical move to a different region or country.
People who have learnt or who are in the process of learning new languages are usually faced with the gruesome bit of it as they go through grammar and rules of that particular language. Yes, the beginning of learning a new language is not a bed of roses, or can be one if one has the thorns in mind.

Therefore life can be made a little bit easier for the person learning a new language if life saving hacks are given. With that I mean tips one can follow to easily learn or master a new language. These may include;

Tips to learn a new Language

• According to learning something new every day in a matter of 10-15 minutes may be a great step to achieving knowledge and understanding a foreign language. This may be way more helpful with real results at the end of the day as opposed to sitting in class room for grueling hours once a week or month, trying to cram loads of information. This is because the little but useful information learnt in ten minutes may be understood well and remembered as opposed to the longer sessions.
• An effort to practice speaking and writing the particular language at any given opportunity can be of great importance and fosters faster learning. This can be done with friends or family but the best way would be to practice with a person who has that particular language as their mother tongue, or who speaks it fluently as a second language. This helps the person learning to put into practice what they learn as they stand chances of being corrected and polished.


A boy who has evidently learned new languages

• Interest is a very important issue when learning a new language. The higher the level of interest the faster one learns a language because this individual will be more than willing to religiously follow their learning routine, while coupling it up with all the necessary practice. In fact when so much interested, one might as well go ahead and perfect the accent of the language in particular. One may say it is because of disinterest that there are people who speak certain languages with foreign accents. The best example is how French people speaking in English are easily identified as French thanks to their heavy accents.
• Matthew Youlden, a man who speaks 9 languages fluently advises one to listen as much as possible to audio material or people who speak that particular language as their first language. Matthew says that every foreign language sounds strange when heard for the first time. However, the more one is exposed to it, the familiar it gets.
• Tips of learning a new language faster are limitless however, talking to ones’ self is also helpful when learning a foreign language. This keeps new words learnt in your head and further builds on your confidence when its time to address someone else.

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By Angela Kyolaba

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