No need to look at the clouds now days to ascertain whether it will rain, shine, be windy or not. This is done by forecasters on almost every news channel or news hour.

Forget about the few weather forecasters who totally mess up our days when they foretell lies; it will shine, then end up with the rude reality the next day when we are soaked in rain.

Weather forecasting is therefore very important in the running of our day to day lives and businesses in particular.

Simply because you will know when to transport your merchandise, without the interruption of rain or the traffic jam that comes with rain if you are using road transport. And one will know what transportation means best for transport or travel basing on the weather.

Or, an umbrella hawker will know when it is exactly going to rain so as to sell as many of them as possible, because the demand for umbrellas will automatically soar with rain pouring down and people not wanting to get wet as they go about their daily businesses.
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But what happens when one is about to travel, transact business in a foreign area, or tour a particular foreign country,

We’ve seen and heard many times of;

·         Flights being cancelled.

·         Schools being closed.

·         Half of the entire transportation system of a certain country being put on hold, all because of weather irregularities.

Usually though locals of such countries are affected, it is the foreigners; tourists, students or business people who are hit the hardest.

For example, the famous rapper and singer Nicki Minaj confesses that when she was brought to the United States of America as a child from her native country Trinidad and Tobago.

She was surprised and shocked when on disembarking off the plane, she realized the ground was covered in snow, which snow was unpleasantly very cold and had never experienced before.

So the U,S.A wasn’t look as rosy as she had always imagined it or as she had seen it in those enticing, beautiful and animated pictures.

May be in such situations, one needs global professional weather observers to analyse and interpret weather irregularities and components before they set off to different geographical areas.

This is to ascertain if flooding will take place, that is in case the area targeted is coastal maybe. This might have been overlooked by weather forecasters in a person’s country or region of origin.