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People learn a new language for various reasons, it can be conditional or done at will. However,  learning a new language is a rigorous and complex process which only takes commitment. Much as learning a new language is a challenging project to undertake, I believe the following tips can help you appreciate it.

Fall in love with the language

Having a positive attitude towards the language is one of the fundamental techniques in learning a new language. Once you develop love for the language, learning it becomes more interesting and it encourages you put all the necessary efforts to ensure that you get it. A negative attitude towards any language will only be a deterrent factor so it should be avoided as much as possible.

Act like a child.

To be like a child implies that you do things with top innocence and openness. Learning a new language involves the expression of the childlike character that signifies the openness to learn. Age and status should be ignored while learning a new language. It therefore pays to start with small nouns and sentences. If you have an instructor, don’t be hesitant to repeat after him/her if asked to do so. My experience  in learning French made me to appreciate this factor in learning. When our tutor always told us to repeat after her, i could enjoy the learning as it enabled me to pronounce words well but my class mates could get annoyed. I remember  Sisseley who got up angrily and said, ”why do you make us be childish” she never understood the difference of being a child and childish. Unfortunately Sissely did not go further with the language.

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Get a friend to learn with

A friend who know at least basic words and sentences can help you learn. You can therefore look for the most common words and ask him to translate for you into the language of interest and vice-versa. I know it is likely that he or she will still by teaching you obscene words and sentences but as try to speak another person will correct you and this makes you note that word or sentence so that you don’t mention any how any where next time.

Practice learnt words every day

As the expression practice makes perfect goes, it holds in everything. Practicing each learnt word every day will help you master it. After mastering some words, start joining them to form short meaningful but simple sentences. Once you’re able to construct these simple sentences then start aiming at getting into the intermediate level.

Be inquisitive

Avoiding shyness can help you speak freely and at least learn or discover a new word every day. By speaking broken sentences or words, someone will help you with the right word(s) and by asking you will definitely be guided. This means that you can sometimes have fun in the language that you are trying to learn.

Use observation

One way of learning a new language is through observation. You can observe people speak and psychologically imply what they are trying to communicate. This means you need to move with a notebook to note any new word you come across. Once you’re able to understand a few words, then it will be easier to learn how to speak them. It is difficult to speak what you don’t understand so while learning the language, understanding comes prior to speaking.

Use translated literature to teach yourself

You can look for  a pocket dictionary which is translated into the your native language or English if you know it. Read it every day and get some words that can make you construct sentences. This is what is called teaching yourself

Taking language classes

This is one of the viable and perhaps the most efficient and quickest way of learning a new language. You can spare one or two hours every day to attend language classes and within the shortest time possible you would have learnt the language. I know it can be expensive but it is recommended.

Do not overlook the importance of translation services

While learning a new language, translation services are very important in helping you save a lot time to do other valuable businesses. You can therefore look for a translation agency that offers language services in both you native language and the target language. This agency will then help you translate any document into the language you’re learning.


Listening is an asset and therefore you must learn to listen before you speak. Careful listening makes you draw closer to the language and makes you get the right pronunciation of the words

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