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More about Nigeria.

Nigeria is located in West Africa with its capital city being Abuja and Lagos being the largest city. Nigeria is bordered by  Benin in the west, Chad andCameroon in the east, and Niger in the north.  The country has three major ethnic groups of  Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba.This makes Nigeria a multi lingual country with over 100 languages.

Quality Nigeria Translation Services

Our Nigeria Translation Services operate round the clock and are  timely delivered. We have a network of specialist linguists who handle their respective fields to high technical perfection; medical, legal, financial, technical, marketing, life science and more. Our services include;

Main languages spoken in Nigeria.

The official language of Nigeria is English. Other main languages spoken include;

  • Kanuri
The economy of Nigeria

The economy of Nigeria has reached the middle income status with petroleum being the major export . Other  sectors contributing to the growth of Nigeria include: the financial sector, telecommunications sector,  inustrial sector, mineral sector and Agricultural sector.

Hausa translation services Nigeria

KL Translations offers quality Housa translations. We translate Housa language into English and vice versa. We also translate Housa into other languages.

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