KL translations offers quick, accurate and high-quality Cameroon translation services. Our translations agency handles a diversity of translation projects including; legal translation, website translationtechnical translation , book translation among others, translating all subjects.

More about Cameroon.

Cameroon is located in west central Africa with its capital city being Yaounde. Its bordered by  Nigeria to the west; Chad to the northeast; the Central African Republic , Equatorial Guinea to the east, Gabon, and the Republic of the Congo to the south.  The country has a diversity of cultures from various ethnic groups of the Bantu, Kirdi, Fulani, Nigritic among others. This makes Cameroon a linguistic country with over 100 languages spoken.

On-time Cameroon translation services

Our Cameroon translators and other teams work primary online and deliver completed projects on time and budget. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and work tirelessly to ensure that we deliver as agreed. Each project has an account manager who will update you regularly on how the project is coming along. You are also free to ask the account manager any queries during and after the project is delivered.

Main languages spoken in Cameroon

The official languages of Cameroon are French and English. Other languages include;  Afro-Asiatic languages,  Nilo-Saharan languages, Ubangian languages, Niger–Congo languages, Senegambian language  Adamawa languages, and Benue–Congo languages.

The economy of Cameroon.

The economy of Cameroon is heavily reliant on Agricultural sector for its GDP. Other sectors that contribute to the economy of Cameroon include; industrial sector, tourism sector, mining sector among others.

French translation services  Cameroon

KL Translations  delivers quality  French translations. We translate French into English and vice versa. We also translate  French into other languages in the country. Other languages for Cameroon audience include;

  • Fulfulde
  • Ewonde
  • Shuwa
  • Basa
  • Babanki
  • Douala
  • Gidar
  • Akoose
  • Gbaya
 Our fields of  Cameroon Translation Services

All our services are provided by specialist linguists who translate in respect of their fields. This guarantees  full acceptance of our translations in  Cameroon and across the globe.  We attach much value to time, therefore operating 24\7 and ensuring timely delivery. At large we handle;

  •  Interpreting Services
  •  Document Translation services
  •  Transcription services
  • Subtitling services

Contact us for any translation project in Cameroon by sending an email to sales@kltranslations.com