Our translation agency offers high-quality proficient Welsh translation services to our multitude of customers all over the world. We are determined to deliver exceptional translation services for all your translations requests, whether you would like to translate your material from Welsh to any other language or from any language to Welsh, we are more than glad and able to support you.

We offer a comprehensive range of Welsh professional translation services that cover all documents and formats including websites, books and marketing material. Our leading translation agency is well prepared to assist government agencies, public institutions and business in general with their Welsh translation requirements. The use of highly certified Welsh translators that only translate into their mother tongue allows for a perfect translation.

About Welsh language

Historically, it has been known in English as “the British tongue”, “Cambrian”, “Cambric” and “Cymric”. 2011 UK Census counted 3.1 million residents of Wales. Of these, 73% (2.2 million) reported having no Welsh language skills. In 2011, 27% (837,000) of the total population of Wales were born outside Wales, and of these, 636,000 (76%) were born in England. The Welsh language is de jure official in any part of the United Kingdom, English being de facto official. Throughout Wales, roadsigns are bilingual with Welsh and English.

Quality Welsh translation services

KL Translations’s Welsh professional translation services include areas such as:

Welsh to English Translations

Our translation agency caters for all your Welsh to English translation needs. KL Translations are well prepared to deliver flawless translations in a fast turnaround with our project management process ensuring that all the translations are highly accurate.

From Welsh to any other Language

KL Translations covers all language combinations and can translate any type of documents from Welsh into any other language and vice versa. We ensure that all of our translations are carried out by native speakers of the target language.

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