KL Translations‘ professional telecommunication translation services for the industry are top of the line.Telecommunication translation services are critical for telephone manuals, wireless phone manuals, command line interface documentation and mobile telephony software.

Telecommunication Translation Services

The mobile and telecommunication sector is a market undergoing major expansion. The players in this sector are telephone companies, OEM producers, software publishers, etc. Our translation agency has experience in virtually all areas of telecommunications, including cellular, mobile, wireless, SDH/SONET, DSL, GPON and optical networking.

We translate:

  • Mobile Telephony Software Command-Line Interface Documentation
  • System Requirements Documents Installation and Service Manuals
  • Technical Training Material Tender Responses
  • Requests for Quotes/Proposals Troubleshooting Guides
  • Telephone/Cell phone Manuals User Manuals for Management System
  • These telecommunication translation services are highly recommended if you want to move on to new worldwide markets.

Telephony Technical Translation

KL Translations’ multilingual telecommunication translations include:

  •  Mobile Telephony Translation

Our team is experienced in translating software interfaces for mobile telephony, mini-sites of specific cell phone models, marketing documents, product info sheets, user guides, messaging, SMS, and internet access.

  •  VoIP Services Translation

We translate websites, technology services overview, PC programs to call any telephone worldwide, user documentation and provide interpreting services for support centres.

If you need professional telecommunication translations at affordable costs, KL Translations is the service provider you are looking for.

Multilingual Telecommunication Translation

We guarantee top quality mobile and telecommunication translations in all the languages including German, Japanese, Chinese and Hindi. Our telecommunication translations are executed by native speaking professional translators.

Telecommunication Translation Specialists

Within the telecommunication industry, it is extremely important to keep up-to-date with constant evolutions. Most of our telecommunication translators are engineers, software professionals and technical writers that keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in the sector.

ISO Certified Telecommunication Translation

Accurate translations are our priority, which explains why we follow strict quality assurance procedures. We endeavour to always maintain the quality standards that will ensure the highest level of satisfaction that is why we follow the guidelines of ISO 9001. Our project management ensures that we deliver stylistically consistent translations within the agreed turnaround time.

Other language solutions for the telecommunication industry: