Chinese Subtitling Services

KL Translations provides reliable Chinese Subtitling Service. Our subtitling solutions include creating both open and closed Chinese subtitles as well as translating subtitles from English into Chinese. These are suitable for DVD/Blu-ray authoring systems, television or online videos. Our Chinese subtitling service also swiftly reach global clientele in over 100 major world languages.

Popular formats include Mov, MPEG-2, WMV, flv, etc, srt, sub, stl, fab and sst. We can adapt subtitles to fit any media source and format, having your target audience in mind.

Please provide us with a copy of what you would like subtitled in DVD or online format. From that, we create a new copy with Chinese subtitles included. We follow strict data protection regulations when performing online file transfers by using secure encryption techniques when sending and receiving.

Expert Approach

On receiving our client’s video, it goes through immediate transcription or automatic transcript placement. We may also require of our client to fully discuss the subject matter that encompasses their file and communicates with us  what the project is about, the utter of their brand and captures the cultural touches of their video content and the fashion in which they would like to communicate to their target audience

Reliable Chinese Subtitling Service

KL Translations only uses subtitling professionals who possess the  minimum of  a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of five years experience in Chinese subtitling service and translation. Every project where translation is involved is done using native-speaking Chinese translators pooled from our network. Thorough proofreading takes place before scripts are seen by subtitling professionals, and a project manager coordinates every stage of a project culminating in delivery within a pre-arranged turnaround time.

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