Software Translation and Localization

For accurate software translation and localization, contact an expert team at KL Translations Ltd. Software translation and localization is the adaption of the software or web product to different languages, regional differences and technical requirements of a target market users of computer software expect their software to be written in their own language. Software manufacturers from around the world want to reach international customers and to do so they need to increase their presence in the competitive software market.

Software localization does not only involve translation; it also implies changing measuring units, number formats, address formats, time and date formats, fonts, character sets, word separation and hyphenation, data protection, payment methods, currency conversion and other elements.

KL Translations has the expertise to translate software products into more than 300 languages. Besides our professional translation services, we as well provide highly specialized software localization services and also deal with other web translation services like the;

Software Translation and Localization

Localized software: The system, including the user interface (UI), is adapted to suit a particular locale.
Multilingual software: The software support multiple languages but the UI (User Interface).
Software Internationalization: The system allows the co-existence of several languages and character sets for input, display, and UI.

We translate and localize:

  • User interface
  • Bitmaps
  • Computer-encoded text Resource and content files
  • Client and server side scripts, Graphics, rich media

Type of Source Files

C, C++, C#, Content Management Systems, VB, VB.N, ColdFusion, Delphi, PHP, Java, J# Perl, Python, Perl, Python C#, VB.NET, HTML, XML #, Ajax, Flash, JavaScript, JScript

Software Translation and Localization Project Management

KL Translations’ project management aims to provide clients a personalized service to ensure that we meet each specific need including deadline, turnaround and budget.

Evaluation of the project and the resources required to deal with.

  • The Project Manager assigns responsibilities to the project team members (translators, web designers, software developers, etc).
  •  Translators create terminology glossaries and carry out the translation of the files.
  •  Adaptation of the user interface, graphics, scripts, and images.
  • Compilation of the translated and localized files.
  • Software or web-driven application testing and adjustment.
  • Then finally project delivery.

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