Shona translation is part of our African languages services. Shona is the native language of the Shona people and it is spoken by over 14 million people, including in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana.

KL Translations provides  professional translation services to assist corporate clients with a wide variety of Shona translations, providing translations from Shona to English as well as to any other language. Our translations are absolutely accurate. They are carefully handled by professional native translators who are fluent in Shona language and live in the country. The documents are thoroughly proofread to correct any possible mistakes.

Global Shona translation services

Our Shona professional translation service includes a wide range of areas such as:

Shona to English Translations

Zimbabwe was part of the British colony of Rhodesia, and English remains the official language of the country. Our Shona – English translators are native English speakers that have been certified by languages institutions as professional translators. Your project manager will assign you the most suitable translators depending on the specific area and target audience.

From Shona to any other Language

KL Translations covers all language combinations and are able to translate any type of documents from Shona into any other language and vice versa. All of our translations are ensured to be carried out by native speakers of the target language.

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Why trust us with your Shona translation project?

  • Systematic and reliable translations; our translations can be trusted to be actual. No information is eliminated and they are translated according to the clients’ choice.
  • Well-timed; your documents are quickly translated and delivered. We also translate documents on short notice.
  • Competitive prices; the cost of the work mirrors its quality. For quality work, a good price is paid in return. Our prices are a reflection of the quality of the services we offer.