Are you searching for Dutch language GDPR translation services? Get your free quote by getting in touch with us here. Simply fill out our online quote form or email us. It is important for companies to invest in GDPR translation services due to the current change in the data and privacy laws. If you have Dutch stakeholders, it is important to ensure that your privacy policies and data rules are complaint. We can do the Dutch language translation for you of these policies with our expert native Dutch translators.

What exactly comprises of GDPR about?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strengthens and unifies data protection for all persons within EU. When you work in an international company, it is important that you choose professional translation of your GDPR documents for instance KL Translations Agency, to make sure every employer know how to comply the new legal requirement and that your customers feel safe. Or you might pay for it literally.

What are the biggest GDPR consequences?

Based on a research, majority prefer buying products in their native language. Information in local language increase the understanding and adds higher trust. It’s the same when you work in a company where the employees and your target group speak several languages. If you don’t formulate the new legal requirement in different languages, you risk a loss of some of the communication. The consequences can be serious internally and externally. The risks are:

  • Fines up to EUR 20 million or 4% of the global turnover
  • Bad reputation (any data breaches and evaluation thereof may permanently be registered online)
  • Impaired customer loyalty and thus lower growth
  • Mistrust and uncertainty among employees (which may lead to terminations)
  • Loss of suppliers

You need to be keen!

The GDPR regulation must be handled professionally and carefully right from the beginning to ensure your company position in the market. That’s why it is important to immediately prepare the right documents and therefore choose professional translation to ensure everything is translated correctly.

Why opt for KL to offer you Dutch language GDPR translation services?

At KL translations, we understand your needs and have the experience and knowledge to fulfill your requirements. Our extensive experience and consultative approach sets us apart from other translation service providers. We’ve worked with organizations of all sizes across both the public and private sectors, including the legal, technical, medical and financial industries. And so, we are more than worth trusting.

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