Professional Translators

KL Translations is a translation agency with professional translators and a passion for quality. That is why we select our translators very carefully to ensure keeping the high standard that characterized our services.

The accuracy and ability to understand the different cultural, linguistic and semantic factors provided by human translation are irreplaceable. KL Translations uses highly certified translators and interpreters that provide first class translation services.

Before your translation is allocated to any of our 5000 plus linguists, we must choose the translators that are best suited to the specific requirements of that particular project. For each assignment, you will have a project manager assigned to you, who will keep you up to date on your project, ensuring your deadlines are met and your document is allocated to the appropriately qualified translators and proofreaders.

These are the requirements of our professional translators:

  •  Must only translate into their mother-tongue.
  •  Must be certified by a well-known language institution.
  •  Must be experienced in the client’s industry.
  •  For culturally sensitive projects, must be a native translator.

Specialised Translation Services

Specialist translations such as financial reports or insurance laws require a real understanding of the subject. KL Translations‘ specialist translators will provide you the highest linguistic quality adequate to the specific context. Whatever your industry, if you need translators that fully understand your field and the nuances of the languages involved, our company has the solution for all your translation needs.

KL Translations’ translation services cover a wide spectrum including:

We also provide translation services for specific industries such as media, telecommunications and tourism.

Guaranteed Translation Accuracy

At KL Translations, we endeavour to always maintain the high-quality standards that will ensure the highest level of customer’s satisfaction. We follow the guidelines of ISO9001 and well-executed project management to not only provide you with a finished project but also make sure that all translations are completely accurate. Get a translation quote now.

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