Media Interpreters

KL Translations media interpreters are used by TV channels, news agencies and film production companies for different events such as press conferences and different kinds of live or recorded interviews. Our media interpreters can also perform simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpretation depending on the specific task.

Also, as the media interpreter will be heard by a really large audience (all the people who are watching the channel on TV), it is crucial that he/she has great confidence to speak, has a professional voice and tone, and is able to interpret and speak as if he/she was the anchor of the show.

Media Interpreting Services

We at KL Translations are aware of the important role that  media interpreters play in business, that is why we are always working to ensure sure our team of interpreters is updated to be able to satisfy all your interpretation needs.

Live interpreting for television or radio requires special skills and greater rapidity than for normal conference interpretation, as well as constraints for delivery (pleasant lively voice, regular rhythm, good diction). We have media interpreters with extensive experience in interpreting live for radio stations and TV channels

Professional Media Interpreters

Our media interpreters have the experience, the cultural knowledge and the familiarity with the dialects and variations of languages to be able to become a cultural liaison between the speakers and the audiences.

They also are experts in different fields, which mean they have an in-depth knowledge of specific terminologies. We have media interpreters specialized in legal topics, economics and politics, technology and sciences and many more. Our interpreters are fully qualified and native speakers.

Media Interpreters for all the languages

We have a media interpreter for any specific project or situation you request, and in any language including;

Our interpreting agency is well known for our personalised service; we adapt our services to all your needs and we will never say no to special details that you want for your job.

Ethical Standards and Efficient Project Management

All our interpreters are bound by a non-disclosure agreement. We respect the confidentiality of our clients’ projects and are committed to keeping our high ethical standards.

We like to build up relationships with our clients based on the quality of our work and customer service. Our project managers will get the most suitable interpreter for your task. Our service is quality orientated and competitively priced.

To learn more about our interpreting services or to book your media interpreters, send us an email to .

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