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About Luxembourgish

Luxembourgish is the national language of Luxembourg and it is also spoken in Belgium, France and Germany. There are about 390,000 Luxembourgish speakers including the population that speak it as a second language. Luxembourgish is a Germanic language spoken by about 400,000 people in Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg), France (Frankräich), Belgium (Belsch) and Germany (Däitschland). There are also a few Luxembourgish speakers in the USA. It has a lot in common with German and Dutch and has also borrowed some words from French, e.g. merci (thank you).

Luxembourgish is used in pre-school education in Luxembourg. Primary education is in German and senior education is in French. Many people also learn another language, such as English or Dutch.
Local radio stations broadcast a few hours of German, French and Luxembourgish each week, and some also have English hours.

Debates in the Luxembourg parliament are carried out mainly in Luxembourgish though some deputies prefer to use French. Laws are drafted in French, but people are free to use French, German or Luxembourgish in when dealing with administrative and judicial matters.

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