KL Translations Ltd delivers on your requirements for English to French website translation. With considerable expertise and a professional enthusiasm about preparing your online presence for the future, we are the first choice for businesses that see English to French website translation as a means of reaching their full online potential.

Why Translate Your Website into French?

Our French website translation is a great investment if you want to become a global player. In the last decade, the number of French internet users has increased considerably. According to Internet World Stats, the number of Internet users in France is 44,625,300 people, that corresponds with 68.9% of the French population. With a French website, you could target the French-speaking population around the world, thereby reaching 200 million people, including the population that speaks French as a second language.

French to English Website Translation

The French and United Kingdom markets have long maintained a spirit of healthy competitiveness. This relationship shows no signs of weakening in the virtual sphere, where both the UK and France are among the leading lights of e-commerce in Europe. With French being a global language, it means that your online market covers other continents with French speakers. Like French, English is a prominent language globally, and choosing to have a French to English website translation is a logical progression for forward-thinking businesses who wish to increase their local and global influence.

English to French Website Translation

For English-speaking companies that want to break into the French market, KL Translations French website translation is the solution that is in tune with the global market’s needs. Our translation agency only employs qualified translators who speak French as their mother tongue. As well as standard French, we are happy to translate your English website into any French dialect such as Canadian French or Ivorian-French.

Our French website translation cover a wide range of fields such as:

Other Language Website translations include;

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