Local Government Interpreting

In multicultural societies, public services and government departments need to provide translations in a wide range of languages. Our interpretation agency offers reliable Local Government interpreting services for the public sector across the UK and the globe. Whether you need an interpreter in Manchester or in Brighton, we have the solution. With an extensive network of in-country interpreters, we can meet any  interpreting requirements for public services up and down the country, 24/7.

We provide Local Government interpreting services for a wide range of public institutions including:

Local Councils Interpreting Services

More and more, government departments and local councils require services from translation companies to communicate effectively with ethnic minorities to assure them access to public services and corresponding benefits.

Health Care Interpreters

Our health care interpreters have an in-depth knowledge regarding medicines and medical procedures. We work with qualified interpreters that are ready to be drafted in at short notice. We provide interpreters to public hospitals, private clinics and medical conferences.

Community Interpretation

Community interpreting is a vital service in communities with large numbers of ethnic minorities, enabling with very different backgrounds to communicate and have access public to the services they are entitled to.

Social Services Interpreters

Social services play an essential role in the daily lives of many people around the world. Our interpreters really understand social work and provide outstanding services in the languages required.

Police Interpreters

Highly professional qualified and sensitive to specific situations which may arise when working with the police service, our interpreters have a successful record of working with the police and we continually work to maintain and improve upon it.

Multilingual Public Sector Interpreters

The expertise of our interpreters reaches diverse areas such as legal, education, health care and which enables us to translate your project with authority. Our translation agency only uses certified native speaker translators to ensure high linguistic accuracy. Whatever the task, we provide top quality interpreting services in any language to local organizations.

Our interpreting services include business interpreting services in over 100 languages including:

Interpreting Services Expertise

Our extensive network of professionals always brings the most professional attitude to any project they handle; ensuring every client we work with receives a service to exceed their needs.

We only employ certified interpreters who have proven experience of Local Government interpreting for the public sector. We have a rigorous vetting procedure to ensure that all our business interpreters are qualified to at least degree level and have at least 5 years professional certified interpreting experience.

Ethical Standards

We respect the confidentiality of governmental documents and are committed to keeping our high ethical standards. All our translators are bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

To learn more about our Local Government interpreting services, send us an email to sales@kltranslations.com. We also offer professional translation services for all the main languages.

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