Human Resources Translation

KL Translations provides professional HR translations  in over 100 languages. Your HR department is often referred to as the “backbone” of your organization. By translating your human resources documents, you will ensure that your personnel understand your company’s policies, procedures, forms, and internal communications. Our translation agency guarantees quality and reliability.

Human Resources Translation Services

KL Translations has experience in dealing with all aspects of HR translations

We translate:

  • Employee handbooks and manuals Employee training materials
  • HR policies Employee review forms
  • Employment applications Safety documents and information
  • Newsletters HR forms

Multilingual HR Translations

KL Translations offers multilingual HR translations in more than 100 languages. This type of translation is particularly useful for companies that want to provide training to their personnel or to communicate the company’s policies and procedures.

Why Use Our HR Translations

Linguistic accuracy is the key to all KL Translations‘ translations including our human resources translation. We follow the guidelines of ISO 9001 that set the standard for quality management systems, in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Our aim is to deliver 100% accurate human resources translations and to achieve that our project managers communicate efficiently with our clients to pinpoint their needs and requirements.

We are aware that any miscommunications could lead to confusion about policies or breaches of safety procedures and that is why we have developed a project management program which guarantees that complex legal and operational details are conveyed accurately.

KL Translations just use qualified professional that have years of experience delivering translations for Human Resources departments around the world.Our menu also includes other translational services like document translations, professional translations, government translations and websites translations

HR Translations Expertise

We are proud to present some of the best HR teams in the world. Our team of qualified translators and proofreaders can provide you with translations of any type of human resources document.

KL Translations‘ HR translations  will eliminate any room for misunderstandings as we also realize the importance of producing translations that match the literacy level of your personnel. By working with our translation company, you are ensuring that your company’s policies, state and federal regulations and safety procedures are explained in the clearest way. We realize that maintaining a protected and informed workforce is crucial to your business’success.

Human Resources Translation in London

London is a very cosmopolitan city where the workforce is constituted by people of different nationalities. Employers want to find the right people for the job and more often than not they have to deal with employees with a limited knowledge of English. Using our translation services, you can effectively communicate your company’s policies and provide them adequate training and support.

When choosing translation services worldwide, it is critical to find a company that fully understand the clients’ background and requirements. KL Translations’ local knowledge is the key to delivering linguistically and culturally accurate human resources translations.

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