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About Hindustani

Hindustani (Hindi-Urdu) is an Indo-Aryan language and the lingua franca of North India and Pakistan. It derives primarily from the Khariboli dialect of Delhi and incorporates a large amount of vocabulary from Persian, Arabic, Sanskrit, and Turkish. It is a pluricentric language, with two official forms, Standard Hindi, and Standard Urdu, which are standardized registers of it. Colloquial Standard Hindi and Urdu are all but indistinguishable, and even the official standards are nearly identical in grammar, though they differ in literary conventions and in academic and technical vocabulary, with Urdu retaining stronger Persian, Central Asian and Arabic influences, and Hindi relying more heavily on Sanskrit.

Before the Partition of British India, the terms Hindustani, Urdu and Hindi were synonymous; all covered what would be called Urdu and Hindi today. The term “Hindustani” is also used for several quite different varieties of Hindi spoken outside of the Subcontinent, including Fijian Hindustani and the Caribbean Hindustani of Suriname and Trinidad.

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