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About Georgian 

Georgian is a South Caucasian or Kartvelian language spoken by about 4.1 million people mainly in Georgia, and also in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran.
Georgian is thought to share a common ancestral language with the other South Caucasian languages. Svan is believed to have split from this language during the 2nd millennium BC, and the other languages split up around 1,000 years later.

Georgian is the native language of the Georgians and the official language of Georgia. It is the primary language of about 4 million people in Georgia itself, and of another 500,000 abroad. It is the literary language for all regional subgroups of the Georgian ethnos, including those who speak other Kartvelian (South Caucasian) languages: Svans, Mingrelians, and the Laz. Judaeo-Georgian is spoken by an additional 20,000 in Georgia and 65,000 elsewhere (primarily 60,000 in Israel).

Global Georgian translation services

Our Georgian professional translation service includes areas such as;

Georgian-English translations

Our translation agency is well prepared to cater for any type of Georgian-English translation, quickly and precisely. Focusing on quality, affordability and complete customer satisfaction has allowed us to work with media companies, public institutions and attorneys.

From Georgian to any other language

KL Translations covers all language combinations of which includes the following;

We translate any type of documents from Georgian into any other language and vice versa, whilst ensuring that all of our translations are carried out by native speakers of the target language. Click here to view all our languages.