KL Translations provides translations from  Danish to  English or English to Danish and over 100 other languages using our professional and qualified translators. We are a translation agency that provides Danish  translation services to corporate clients worldwide. Our translators are carefully selected depending on their expertise and experience and they only translate into their mother tongue, catering for Danish translations of all size providing a fast, reliable and affordable service.

About the Danish language

Danish is a North Germanic language with around 5.5 million speakers mainly in Denmark, but also in Greenland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Canada, the UAE and the USA. Danish was the official language of Norway until about 1830 and of Iceland until 1944. Danish is now the first foreign language learnt in Iceland.
During the Middle Ages, Danish was heavily influenced by Low German dialects, while during the 17th century Danish absorbed many French loanwords and from the 19th century onwards, many English words have been taken into Danish.

Professional Danish translation services

We deliver Professional Danish translation services in  a wide range of areas such as:

Danish-English translations

If your requirement is Danish to English translation, we have a perfect team of translation professionals consistently delivering accurate and a complete Danish to English translations. Our Danish to English translation service is handled by native Danish translators with a professional working knowledge of English.

English to Danish translation services

We expertly translate documents from English into Danish. Our Danish translators have been helping clients with English to Danish translation solutions for over a decade. Our Danish to English translation professionals have a sufficient experience in dealing with terminology and possess linguistic and cultural expertise. We commit ourselves to matching clients’ requirements and rendering them with the top quality and accurate Danish translation service

From Danish to any other language

KL Translations covers all language combinations like

We translate any type of documents from Danish into any other language and vice versa, always ensuring that all of our translations are carried out by native speakers of the target language.

Danish Translation USA

Danish translation services in the USA are available from our agency at competitive prices. We have the capacity to translate Danish from and into more than 300 languages. Whether you need a legal translation or a financial translation, we can provide high-quality translations carried out by certified translators that only work within their field of expertise and only translate into their native language.

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