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About Czech

Czech is the official language of the Czech Republic and counts for over 12 million native speakers. The language is similar to that of Slovak. The region where Czech is spoken is traditionally called Bohemia (Čechy) and was named after the Boii tribe who, according to Roman sources, have inhabited the area since at least the 1st century AD.
Czech literature started to appear in the 13th century. The first printed book in Czech, the story of the Trojan war (příběh o Trójské válce), was published at Plzeň (Pilsen) in 1468. After many years of Austrian rule, during which German was the main language of literature and government, there was a revival of Czech literature at the end of the 18th century.
The most prominent writer during the early period of Czech literature was Jan Hus (1369-1415), a religious reformer who also reformed Czech spelling (české hláskování). He created the system of having one grapheme (letter) for every phoneme (sound) in the language by adding accents (čárka) to some of the letters. As a result, written Czech looks very different to written Polish. For example, in Czech, the sound ch, as in church, is written č, but the same sound is written cz in Polish.

Expert Czech translation services

KL Translations works with experts Czech translators who provide professional  Czech translation services in  wide range of areas such as:

Czech-English translations

Our translation agency is well prepared to cater for any type of Czech-English translation, quickly and precisely focusing on quality, affordability and complete customer satisfaction. Media companies, public institutions and attorneys are among our regular clients.

Translations into other  languages

We provide translation services covering all other language combinations including;

We translate any type of documents from Czech into any other language and vice versa, always ensuring that all of our translations are carried out by native speakers of the target language.

Czech Translation USA

Czech translation services in the USA are available from us at competitive prices. We have the capacity to translate Czech from and into more than 150 languages. Whether you need a legal translation or a financial translation, we can provide high-quality translations carried out by certified translators that only work within their field of expertise and only translate into their native language.

Be certain in our Czech translation services. The reasons are seven reasons as to why you should be certain of our Czech translation services, they include;

  • We ensure accuracy and high-quality translations
  • Excellent customer care
  • Expert Czech translators and interpreters.
  • We proofread before we deliver
  • Quick responses to clients
  • Effective project management

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