KL Translation offers quick and timely France Translations Services. Our translation agency provides services of all subjects in all fields such as  business translation, education translation, technical translation, legal translation and so much more. Our translations are most accurate, fastest and cost-effective. We translate over 100 major  languages of the and all languages in France. With our team of  experienced linguist specialists, no pair of language we cannot translate to desired accuracy.

More about France

France is found in western Europe and is among the most populous countries there. It is among the only three countries besides Morocco and Spain to have both the Mediterranean and Atlantic coatstlines. France’s capital city is Paris which is also the largest city. Paris is also the country’s main commercial and cultural centre. Other major cities include Lyon, Masseile, Toulouse among others.

Main languages spoken in France

French is the official language for France and its widely used within the country. The French government has also tried to promote the French globally through institutions for example La Francophonie.

Economy of France

France has a mixed economy and its highly industrialised. The French government retains influence over key sectors of the economy such as the infra structural sector, financial sector, banking, insurance that are very important. Agriculture is also practised in France and products like wheat are grown and also France is among the world biggest exporters of agricultural products.

 France Translation Services |French translation

KL Translation provides quality French translation. We translate French into English and also vice versa. We also translate French into any other language.

We simply deliver your of intention. All our years we have innovated our system of operation to enable our customers receive our services within a few steps. Our language solutions include;

  • Interpreting serviceslation services
  •  Document translation services
  • Transcription services
  •  Website and software Translation  services
  •  Subtitling Services

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