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  • Website and software translation services
  • Subtitling services
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More about Cyprus

Cyprus is an Island country found in the eastern Mediterranean sea with its capital being Nicosia and largest city Limassol. It is located north of Egypt, northwest of Israel, west of Syria and Lebanon, south of Turkey and east of Greece.

Main languages spoken in Cyprus

There are quite a number of languages spoken in Cyprus. These include; Armenian, Cypriot Arabic, English, Romanian, Bulgarian and so many more. However the official languages used are Turkish and Greek

Economy of Cyprus

Cyprus economy is diversified and over the years the country has seen massive growth in tourism and as such there has been increase in rent on properties. The available modes of transport like air, water and road have also boosted the way business is done in the country and also reduced the costs of doing business.

  Quality Cyprus  Translation Services | Turkish translation

KL Translation offers exceptional Turkish translations. We translate Turkish into English and vice versa. We also translate Turkish into any other language. With our  team of  linguist specialists, each handling an area of their expertise deliver exactly what your target audience would like to understand.

Over years we have invested in maximizing  quality of our services because it  always gives back to both us and our clients.  Our translation services are customer tailored and are received just within a few steps.

For any Turkish translation project, contact us by sending an email to sales@kltranslations.com