KL Translations offers quality and professional Croatia translation services. Our translation agency provides services  for various fields such as medical translationretail translation, business translation, education translation and many others.  We operate  24\7, delivering timely what your target audience would like to understand in any pair of  over 100 major languages.

More about Croatia

Croatia is a country found at crossroads with central Europe with its capital and largest city being Zagreb. Roman Catholicism is the most common religious denomination in the entire country which is also divided into 20 counties.

Main languages spoken in Croatia

Croatian is the most popular language spoken in Croatia and other neighbouring countries. This is the official and national language of Croatia as well one of the official languages ushe ed by the European Union.

Economy of Croatia

Croatia’s economy is composed of sectors like the industrial that employs the majority of people and the agriculture. The industrial sector is dominated by information technology, timber industry, ship building and many more.

Quality Croatia Translation services | Croatian Translation

We provide accurate Croatia translation services where we translate Croatian to English and vice versa. We also translate Croatian into any other language perfecting it as if was an original copy. Our team of linguist specialists guarantee full acceptance of our translations in Croatia and all institutions across the globe.

Quality is our center concentration which we deliver by working hand in hand with customers as we both receive back from it. Over 20 years of operation,  we have innovated our system enable our customers get the best from us in just a few steps; Our language solutions include;

  • Interpreting services
  •  Document translation Services
  • Website and software localisation services
  • Transcription services
  • Subtitling services
  • And more


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