Book Translation Services

Book translations have given us access to classic historical, philosophical and religious works. Without reliable book translation services, we would not have access to such classics of literature as “War and peace”, “The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha”, “Les Misérables”, etc. With the ongoing globalization, readers are more often requesting access to the work of writers from various and remote countries. We provide book translation services to the publishing sector.

KL Translations acknowledges the importance of faultless book translations, that is why we offer linguistically correct and culturally relevant literary translations. We also provide diverse types of professional translation services for the publishing industry. Whether you need to translate newspapers, journals or magazines, you can rely on us. Our translators guarantee correctness, fast turnaround and a solid knowledge of the sector.

Professional Book Translation Services

KL Translations has experience in dealing with all aspects of publishing and book translation. Our diverse language solutions for the industry include the translation of:

  • Books Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Academic Journals
  • Leaflets & Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Yearbooks Serials

We also provide a multilingual translation of any type of printed advertisements. See marketing translation for more details.

Literary Translation

Translation of literary works is essential to exchange ideas across languages and cultures. An accurate literary translation involves being able to match the author’s original intent. It is considered an art in its own right. KL Translations has a highly experienced and qualified team of translators ready to deliver the best possible book translations in all the languages, budgets and deadlines. We translate Poetry, Essays, Drama, Narrative Fiction, Non-Fiction Prose and Graphic Novels.

Multilingual Book Translation Services

Our translation agency offers book translation services in all the languages. Our most popular requests are:

  • Spanish book translation
  • French book translation
  • Arabic book translation
  • Latin book translation
  • Greek book translation
  • And 100s more languages on offer
Book Translation Expertise

Our literary translators are experts in literature and have a flair for creative writing. They can translate both classical and contemporary works in any of the main genres ensuring that the message conveyed is the author’s original concept.

Within the book translation services industry, the translation of poetry is one of the most difficult fields because the translators should keep the significance of the original verses and preserve the rhyme, figurative language and the general tone. Our translators of poetry are themselves poets or have a deep interest and understanding of poetry.

Book Translation Services Quality

We understand the role that book translation plays in local and global cultural development and we are committed to delivering the best possible translation services. That is why we put so much emphasis in the quality assurance process. KL Translations endeavours to always maintain the quality standards that will ensure the highest level of satisfaction and to do that we check and analyse every aspect of the workflow.

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