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More about Gabon

Gabon is a sovereign state found on the west coast of central Africa. It is bordered by Cameroon in the north, Equatorial Guinea to the northwest,Republic of Congo to the east and south. Libreville is the capital and largest city in the country. There are a number of ethnic groups such as Fang which is the largest, Punu, Nzebi, French, Mpongwe among others.

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Main Languages spoken in Gabon

French is the official language in the country, however there are other indigenous languages. These are Fang, Baka, Barama, Bekwel, Benga, Bubi, Bwisi, Duma, Kendell, Lumbu, Ndasa which are all Bantu languages.

Economy of Gabon

The economy of Gabon is dominated by oil whose revenues comprise of about 46% of the government’s budget. Over the years oil production has declined  and this has not been helped by the government’s overspending on off-budget items.

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